We offer tailor-made support programs for startups, enterpreneurs and young businesses to help them through the difficult initial founding stage and successfully develop their business.

EXPLORE YOUr Possibilities

We are dedicated to enabling startups, enterpreneurs and young businesses in succeeding with their innovative ideas: benefit from incubation services, infrastructure, shared services as well as from cooperations with established companies, investors and research institutes.


Wether you are a founder, a startup or already a young business, the DDG Ecosystem offers flexible and tailor-made support programs correspondent to your needs.

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Partnerships & Funding

Gaining access to funding and capital as well as to the right stakeholders and expertise can constitute a challenge: benefit from the network of the DDG Ecosystem.

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Office Space & Service

Want to stay focused on developing your product? The DDG Ecosystem provides infrastructure, shared services as well as  community offerings, so you can concentrate on developing your idea. 

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Our Community

Become part of our community and benefit from an agile and growth-oriented startup landscape, great events as well as valuable knowledge transfer between its members.

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