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„About the XPLANDO-Lounge I was able to successfully conduct a conversation with an Arabic-German translator. The quality of the wireless connection was very good, the triangle call worked well.“

Daniel Pfeiffer, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V., Reception for asylum seekers

„At ZREALITY, excellent know-how and sincere passion meet and pave the way for an exciting and professional collaboration. In this spirit, we will continue our successful partnership in the future.“

Christian Gruber, Press Spokesman / Head of PR, 1. FC Kaiserslautern e.V.

„As a medium that is traditionally perceived acoustically, it is important for us to be modern and close to the public. Using 180° stereo technology, we were able to present the inner workings of our studio in a completely new way and to carry them outwards. ZREALITY GmbH is a competent partner in the conception, consulting and development of such innovative applications in the field of virtual, augmented and mixed Reality.“

Andy Abel, Head of Digital Development, RPR Gruppe

“The cooperation with ZREALITY GmbH quickly became a fruitful partnership thanks to the open and transparent communication with all project participants. Our project was completed on time and as requested – despite some short-term, but desired deviations. This was only possible due to the flexibility of ZREALITY, the close cooperation and the strong identification of ZREALITY GmbH with our project. Above all, the innovation-promoting environment of Digital Devotion Group GmbH in the background, we are constantly finding new starting points to further expand and intensify the existing partnership, so that we look forward to the digital transformation in viticulture.“

Marcel Sambale-Lergenmüller, Managing Partner, Vineyard Cloud GmbH

“After the cooperation in the first project proved to be extremely successful and uncomplicated, we entrusted ZREALITY with further tasks of our IT architecture. In support of our development department, we have come to appreciate the open and direct approach and speed of action of the software experts.”

Lucas Pukert, CEO, Von Jungfeld/ Stilfaser GmbH

“After the cooperation in the first project was extremely successful, we entrusted ZREALITY with further tasks of our IT architecture. We appreciate the open and direct approach and the speed of action of the software experts.”

Ken Handerson, General Manager, Capitolmotors AG

„The relaunch of our website by ZREALITY GmbH allows us to present ourselves in a more modern and contemporary way. Cooperation with all project participants was characterised by a partnership-based relationship, clear, open and transparent communication and a professional working method. ZREALITY GmbH has implemented the project in such a way that we can now maintain the website to a large extent ourselves with up-to-date content.”

Ernst Gabriel, Stadtbildpflege Kaiserslautern

„The use of the APP offers an uncomplicated possibility of support in advising clients with a migration background whose knowledge of the German language is not sufficiently available at the time of the consultation for a communication. All the translators contacted so far have been very competent and very friendly!“

Markus Haus, Migration & Integration, Caritas

„The Vollack Group is always active as an expert for forward-looking working environments in the integration of new technologies. Thus, visualizations of building projects also help to achieve the earliest possible transparency. ZREALITY GmbH is a competent partner in the field of Virtual Reality as a valuable instrument. We rely on the innovative power and expertise of the digital professionals!“

Carsten Kipper, Partner, Vollack GmbH & Co. KG

„ZREALITY is the right partner for all companies that want to correctly assess the potential of VR and use it in their business processes. Together, we have shown what the current VR technology can achieve in the clothing industry. Our project went according to plan – in time and budget. Our customers were thrilled.“

Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Partner, Human Solutions Gruppe

“ln cooperation with ZREALITY GmbH, we have solved the problem of poor overview, poor transparency and drawing the wrong conclusions for municipal decision-makers with the newly developed software solution “FazIT” by introducing double budget management in many municipalities.
The positive response at all levels of our administration is also reflected in the will to present the software solution in higher-level institutions such as the Association of Cities and Municipalities – and to support ZREALITY with concrete contacts in the further distribution as well as through future know-how transfer in the further development of its solution.”

Dirk Andres, Kaiserslautern City Council, Controlling

„Fascinating visualization solutions, agile development methods, creative idea management and ZREALITY’s special commitment convinced us so much that it was easy for us to decide to enter into a firm development and innovation partnership. The excellent partnership has always borne fruit.“

Michael Tschoepke, VP IT PG SeatingComponents, Johnson Controls Inc. [USA]

“ETENGO AG itself is active in the IT sector. Therefore, we only rely on companies that meet impeccable quality criteria. ZREALITY is undoubtedly one of these companies. We look forward to further cooperation.”

Nikolaus Reuter, Chairman of the Board of Management, Etengo Deutschland AG


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