Connecting Digital Excellence

We, as a group of high-tech companies, pursue the goal of developing our customers innovations and performance potential, as well as achieving sustainable success. Our employees understand how to combine the possibilities of IT with everyday business as well as how to create new innovative solutions with the company strategy and vision in mind.

Urban Timetravel S.A.

Mission & Vision

Our strategic business orientation is focused on the digitization of companies and organizations. Many companies cannot handle digitization on their own due to its constantly evolving nature. Our vision as well as our mission places the customer into the center of attention. Our focus is on expert consulting, first class services and a sustainable improvement of processes.


Our companies offer consultations with digital experts, individual software solutions, platforms as well as a digital campus to create innovation and growth.


The DDG bundles the best digital expertise.

We have committed ourselves, as a technology-driven and growth-oriented company, to the establishment of digital products and services as well as the creation of synergies through the bundling of competences in the digital sector.


We want to be a partner in the digital transformation. To us, being a partner means: We understand the precise requirements of our customers. We know how you work and what your challenges are. We accompany you on the journey through the entire transformation process.