Traditional industries are more and more aware of the need to stay innovative to remain at the forefront of their Industry. The DDG Lab program gives you the space, the tools and the network to develop and experiment your concepts in our Lab. In cooperation with the University Of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern, we experiment new Cross Reality Technologies.

Be an Innovation Leader in your industry!

Your Benefits

Innovation Space

At our 3 offices at locations, which offer excellent scientific services, we provide excellent innovation spaces to develop experimentation and continuous learning.

Innovation Workshops

You can join various workshops from a range of learning modules – including Design Thinking, Lean Methodology, OKRs and Sprint Planning.

Proof of Concept

For your next innovative application, you can perform a customer-focused feasibility study in our Innovation Lab and make a proof of concept.


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DDG:IX exists to drive Innovation within our Ecosystem


Through individual partner and investment programs, we offer you the opportunity to expand your leading position in your industry.