We support corporates to build up and expand new competencies and business areas in order to create a sustainable organization. In this way you secure your core business and position yourself as an innovator in the future.

We build PoC’s & platform MVP’s
that scale!

DDG Innovation Xperts (DDG:IX) exists to drive innovation within our ecosystem. Together with our corporate partners, prototypes, proof of concepts, as well as minimal viable products are build to later incubate the best ideas into new startups.

Design Thinking

Emerging first (product) ideas with processes like design thinking and workshops.


Understanding of the dynamics of the product in order to showcase the best qualities and maximum features of the product.


Realization of a certain method or idea with a strong interdisciplinary development team in order to demonstrate the product’s feasibility.

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DDG Ecosystem

The DDG – Digital Devotion Group® is dedicated to delivering the best ecosystem for founders, scientists, investors and entrepreneurs to develop digital business models with a focus on Cross Reality (AR/VR/MR), Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ecosystem enables not only all partners and startups to present and experiment with their innovations, but also to develop new business models.


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The DDG Lab program gives you the space, the tools and the network to develop and experiment your concepts in our lab.


Through individual partner and investment programs, we offer you the opportunity to expand your leading position in your industry.