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The Digital Devotion Group unites the best ventures within the digital arena.
We at Digital Devotion Group provide independent consulting services, software and platforms for the digitization of corporations and the public sector, as well as a hub with connected incubator for the networking of startups and established companies.

Consulting & conception
Idea generation& innovation
Realization & development
Managed Services & operation

Zreality GmbH

ZREALITY is the leading software company for enterprise platforms in virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

Urban Timetravel S.A

Urban Timetravel offer tourists a new way to discover their heritage – by travelling through time!

xplando GmbH

The Crowdsourcing-Plattform for live-conferences with amateur/professional interpreters

DT:Hub GmbH

The Campus for Digital Innovation and Growth in Rhineland-Palatinate




Press releases

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

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