ZREALITY GmbH” will be the new company name of our subsidiary (formerly WEARVR GmbH) as of September 1, 2017.

Our VR/AR business is growing rapidly and with our new brand, we are systematically gearing ourselves to the internationalization of our business and the development of unique VR/AR platform products. With ZREALITY, companies will be able to develop VR/AR solutions more efficiently than ever before and access our concentrated know-how in the form of consulting, software development and software tools in order to create added value for themselves and their customers. More about this soon! Stay tuned.

Digital Westpfalz beer mat published

The first digital coaster in the West Palatinate region is presented.

The ZukunftsRegion (Future Region) Westpfalz presents the “ultimate high-tech beer lid of the West Palatinate”, which was developed and programmed by ZREALITY GmbH.

More than 55,000 beer mats are currently distributed in various hotels, breweries and restaurants throughout the region. The specially developed app uses Augmented Reality technology to identify the existing coaster and provides the user with a wealth of information, pictures and videos on the region’s attractions.

The innovative location marketing offers not only citizens an interesting insight into their own region, but also tourists an exciting souvenir with added value – far beyond the borders of the West Palatinate.

Read the entire press release of the ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz here.

Would you like to know more about this topic? Have a look at our showcase about the project.


Experience cultural heritage in virtual reality

ZREALITY GmbH, in cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern and several Chinese companies, has created a digital reconstruction of the Chinese temple from the Song dynasty.

With the help of the VR glasses, it is thus possible to move freely in the three-dimensional virtual reconstruction, explore the temple and interact with other users. In addition, holograms explaining the history of the items can appear in front of the users. The magnificent frescoes that cover the interior walls of the temple in particular were depicted in a true-to-life manner and fascinate the visitors.
The special digital reconstruction was also presented to the visitors as part of the official German-Chinese cultural programme 2017 during the long Night of Culture in Kaiserslautern.

–> Brochure of the event

VR Showroom in the clothing industry

In a digital showroom developed for the customer, different sample collections can now be displayed on a virtual model.

The use of VR technology makes it possible to present different patterns and collections alternately. The garments are photorealistically displayed and can be combined in different ways. In addition, the lighting scene can also be adapted and used in a focused manner.

The virtual presentation can take place anywhere and with several participants.

Industry 4.0 in Mixed Reality

Through the use of Mixed Reality, a true-to-original replica of adhesive robots from SCA is presented. The virtual machines can be displayed with Microsoft Hololens in real locations and in VR. The platform enables several users to interact with the machines as in reality, regardless of location. In addition, the setup is enriched with additional information via data sources (SAP, Outlook etc.).

Would you like to find out more about the Showcase and inform yourself about industry 4.0

Innovative location marketing

ZREALITY is developing a “digital beer coaster” as an innovative means of marketing the region for the future region West Palatinate.

The “Digital Beercoaster” symbolizes in a special way the combination of landscape highlights, Palatinate joie de vivre and technological competence.
By scanning the map on the front of the coaster with a specially developed free app, 3D objects become visible. In addition, the app offers the possibility to be forwarded to impressive videos of special Westphalian places. The solution also enables new objects to be installed in the future.

Our customer’s trade fair presence a complete success thanks to VR

Virtual Reality by ZREALITY GmbH:

The virtual inspection of rooms is becoming more and more important in the architecture and construction industry.
With the Vollack Gruppe, we have gained a valuable customer and partner who will be able to further expand its pioneering position thanks to VR!

Our customer Vollack Group presented a building in virtual reality at the Hannover Messe – realized by ZREALITY GmbH!

VR Rundgang

Digitisation in the marketing / trade fair sector has become an important means of customer acquisition.

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economics, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg, did not want to sell her glasses any more….

VR Produktpräsentation

Would you also like to use VR within your trade fair presentation and offer your customers a unique experience of your products?
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